Pest Control

Allscape can practically eliminate all pests on your property.

Our services include Mosquito control, along with control of all other insects like fleas, tics ants, spiders, and beetles. Also deer, rabbit, mice , and moles we have 2 ways to handle pest control;


  1. The green way requires a lawn sprinkler system to disperse our nature friendly solution that deters mosquitoes Tics Flies Spiders and most other insects. This solution also deters Mice Moles Rabbits and Deer. Not because there are poisons in our solution but because they donít like the taste or smell of the ingredients (mostly garlic and citrus concentrate) this solution is inert in 3 days so reapplication through your sprinkler system on a regular basis is required.
  2. The other way is we can use actual poisons to get rid of pests. Not so nature friendly but sure fire quick results. Our chemical pest control can be used for all spiders and insects outside your house. These chemicals are harmful to nature but last a long time so reapplication is usually not necessary.